Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hello there...

So, I have decided, after being oh-so behind the times, to start a little blogchen. I think that it'll be a good way to organise my thoughts about everything in life from the important to the trivial. Traditional paper-based journals draw me to them like a moth to the flame, but, unfortunately, once I've bought the £20+ handmade, leather-bound thing of beauty, I cannot bring myself to defile it with my awful leftie handwriting. And on the rare occasion that I do write in them, I feel a sense of utter shame as my wonky, higgledy-piggledy lettering spiders it's way across the virgin page...urgh.

Here on the internet, it's far easier. I can make the page look pretty, and no-one has to decipher my scrawl. Lovely.

Who are you? I hear the vast and empty space of the internet calling out. Well, I am an undergraduate at university in England, studying English Literature. Currently I'm on an ERASMUS exchange placement in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany, where I am attempting to struggle along, improving my pidgin German and having a total drunk year abroad blast. I've been in Germany since last summer and, were I a sensible person, should have started a blog then. But I didn't. So there.

A note on the name of the's an anagram of my name. Other interesting/amusing (to me at least...and let's face it...who the hell else is ever going to actually read this?) anagrams of my name that I found are as follows:

canary corn mile
a real cynic morn
cynical are norm
cynical moanerr
my cannier coral
clean racy minor
icy roman lancer
manic carny lore
manic racy loner
normalcy can ire

Here's to me managing to maintain a journal-type thing with the positive thought that comes from never, ever having to witness my handwriting ruining some nice thick handmade paper ever again.


C x

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