Monday, 18 October 2010

Can't We Just Find A Happy Medium?

I’m all for the movement towards more healthy, normal-sized models, and introducing plus-size collections to NYFW is great, as it allows bigger women to have fashion options, rather than kaftans and sack-like dresses, but using women who are really very unhealthily overweight as role models is just as bad as using size 0 girls as images of perfection. Can’t we find a healthy middle ground?

Christina Hendricks and Crystal Renn are both images of sexy, joyful, vital womanly figures that are normal and beautiful. Thankfully, the two of them are getting more and more press coverage, and Renn has appeared in so many shows this fashion week already it’s a fantastic step in the right direction. More curves! More size 10/12/14’s (UK, which is US 6,8 and 10)! No to either extreme of anorexic scrawniness or too much fatty bulk!

Eat well (including treats), exercise, and relax!

C xxx

… As a side note, the pic is from perez hilton’s 'fashion' blog. His raving over clearly and dangerously unhealthy women as being amazing irritated me into writing this post!!!

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